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T'Cakes Cupcakes and Cookies was born out of the passion to share the love of the beautiful art of baking and a desire to celebrate the little milestones in life.


How It All Began

Our story begins when Terri Williams, founder and CEO, quit nursing school to become a stay at

home mom. In between balancing motherhood and taking care of her family, Terri decided to

take cake classes as an outlet.

And that's when she discovered her love for this little art.

Through relentless practice, planning, years of educating herself, and several trials and errors,

she perfected her art to what it is today.

But as the famous slogan goes..hard work pays.

Terri was inspired to create T'Cakes Cupcakes and Cookies to help others celebrate the little

moments in life.

'I started my business because I love sharing with others, teaching others, and making others happy,' she says. 

The aim is for 'everyone everywhere' to have not just a cake, but art that completes the occasion. Whether it's learning to ride a bike, first boyfriend, sunny day, milestone birthdays, cancer survivor, or that big wedding day!!!

Celebrate The Little Things

 T'Cakes Cupcakes and Cookies offers timely solutions to help plan for all celebrations, large or small. We can plan a way to say 'thank you' or 'I'm thinking about you' with something sweet.

At T'Cakes Cupcakes and Cookies, we love celebrating the little things... Let's pick a reason to celebrate!

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